As outlined in section 80.01 of the Grand lodge of Missouri Independent Order of Odd Frllows By-Laws
The Internet and the World Wide Web are public media, like newspapers and magazines. The guidelines for what information should be put on the Internet are the same as the guidelines for what information can be put in a press release or newsletter. All communications and postings should be positive, optimistic, and accurate. No portion of the rituals, degrees, or the unwritten work of the Order may be posted. No other confidential information (such as private business, units minutes, etc.) shall be placed on public access areas of the internet.
Internet Guidelines
Section 80.01Web Sites; the Grand Lodge of Missouri may maintain a web site for promotional and informational purposes of the general membership.  A Web Master shall be appointed by each Grand Master to control and maintain the web site, compensation for the Web Master to be determined by the Grand Lodge Finance Committee at each annual session.
  • All content of this web site shall be subject to the approval of the Grand Master and his Executive Committee.
  • Subordinate lodges are allowed to own and run web sites by vote of the subordinate lodge membership in the Jurisdiction of Missouri.
  • The Grand Lodge shall not be held financially responsible, other than the Grand Lodge web site, for any subordinate lodge web site. 
  • The fee for maintenance and support are the sole responsibility of the operating lodge.
  • No political, religious or commercial messages or advertisements shall appear.
  • No member or non-member shall own any interest in any lodge web site.
  • All original materials shall become and remain the property of the operating lodge.
  • The Grand Lodge holds the right to request removal of any objectionable material, and a disclaimer from the Grand Master to be posted if so ordered.