St. Louis Lodge No. 5
Our condolences to Brother Barry Rodgers on the death of his son who was
only 36-years of age.  The last report we
have is that his remains are to be cremated.  Brother Barry is the son of Brother Ernest Rodgers who turned 93-years of age recently. 

I would personally like to thank all those
who took time to participate in the Fun
Bowling Tournament on July 15th.  We
had 18 bowlers, all had a good time with
competition and fellowship.  This is the
cheapest activity this lodge can have and
we hope to keep it alive in the months ahead.  As the name states, this is all in fun with no awards or prize money involved.  The lodge provides lane fees and shoe rental fees so all it takes on your part is your time.  Can't beat the price.

The next and last Safety Coffee Break of
2018 will be held on September 3, 2018.
Set up will start at 8:30 A.M. With the event open to the public around 11:00 A.M. It will run until about 3:00 P.M.  Come on down and help out, we need it.
As some of you already know the Triple Links Building is up for sale.  At the same time we are looking for a more suitable location. This process will take time and there have been a lot of questions in regard.  Presently there have not been any offers to purchase the building and we have not yet found a new location.  Regardless, as previously stated in our letter informing the membership of the pending sale, we stated there will be updates as soon as anything changes. 

As of this date, 8/1/18 there has been no movement of selling or buying.  As soon as
information is available all will be notified. 
We do suggest all tenants perform an inventory of all their items in the building.

There are new yellow gates on the entrances to the lodge parking lots.  These were needed to keep unwanted (and uninsured) vehicles off the lot.  After watching the coming and going through the gates, it was decided that locking would not be necessary.  Seems the gates themselves are a sufficient deterrent.   Not too many people would open the gates to illegally park on the lot. 

Born on February 20, 1940.  Left us on August 15, 2018. He was 77-years of age.  A member since 2011 and served on several committees and
attended lodge Safety Coffee Breaks.

He was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Missouri Air Natonal Guard.  A Past Grand Master of the Masons of Mo.
He also belonged to several Masonic organizations.  He is survived by  his wife, Carol,  a son, Bill III and a daughter, Sheryl Rae Soutiea Rowden.  He has grandchildren and great-grandchildren. 

He had advanced to the Vice Grand's chair when he had to resign that chair due to time constraints.  Bill was always had a kind and lovable nature.  He will be missed by many in our lodge and elsewhere. 

Brother Bill's remains were interred in Sunset Memorial Park with full military honors.