A problem has arisen between the United Nations and the Sovereign Grand Lodge United Nations Pilgrimage for Youth.  We really
don't know the particulars of this but we do know a Cease and Desist order has been sent from the United Nations to the Sovereign
Grand Lodge.  The Odd Fellows are to remove all mention of the United Nations or the initials U.N. from all of our material, By Laws, etc:  The Grand Master of Missouri has formed a Cease and Desist Committee to implement this order.  All lodges will be required
to review their by laws for any mention of the United Nations, any material includes manuals, brochures, pamphlets or any other item and destroy.  All lodges will be required to insert into their By Laws a non-discriminatory policy provided by the S.G.L. and to
submit revised By Laws as soon as possible to the Grand Warden.  Lodges will also be required to submit in writing that all material has been scrapped.  There will be no U.N. Pilgrimage in 2018 and possibly longer, this program has been in existence for over 60-years.  What happens with it we'll have to wait and see.

Brother Walter Sawicki, who is the alternate, will be attending the 2018 Grand Lodge Session in May as our Representative.  It will be his first time there and we wish him all the best.  Coming up at the session will be the over-haul of the Missouri Constitution splitting it into two parts; Grand Lodge Constitution and Grand Lodge By-Laws. Should be a real experience for Brother Sawicki.
"St. Louis Lodge No. 5"
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The Sovereign Grand Lodge, at the 2017 Session, has raised Per Capita Dues by $5.00 each year for two years.  What does that
mean for us?  We won't really know until the Grand Lodge Session in Jefferson City, Missouri in May of 2018.  At that time the Finance Committee of the Grand Lodge will decide what the Per Capita Dues will be for Missouri.  So far it looks like a $5.00 increase after January 1, 2018 and another $5.00 increase in January 1, 2019.  Lodge No. 5 has formed a By-Law Revision Committee to look into this and other matters that have arisen.  Once the By Laws Committee is ready to present the proposed changes a notice will be sent to all members concerning discussion and voting on the changes.  As it stands right now, our present By Laws state that dues shall be $10.00 over the Per Captia Dues.