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Genuine Friendship, which hears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things, is the first step toward progress and personal enrichment, and the teachings of Temperance, Prudence, and Justice. Love is the basis for all life’s ambitions, service to humanity, and more family oriented. Truth, the imperial virtue, promotes economic stability, equality under law, freedom of enterprise, the highest of ethical standards, and lasting peace, the ultimate goal of fraternity. Universal Brotherhood of Man under the Fatherhood of God is imperative to the survival of the World, and can be accomplished only through the practice of fellowship and understanding among all peoples and nations.
Missouri Grand Lodge
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To Improve and Elevate the Character of Man
St. Louis Lodge No. 5
History of odd fellow lodges in St. Louis and St. Louis Lodge Number 5 December 23, 1806 the first Odd Fellow Lodge in the United States was Shakespeare Lodge No. 1. It was located in New York City, however it was not officially recognized.  April 26th, 1819 Washington Lodge No. 1 of Baltimore Maryland was recognized by the founder himself Thomas Wildey. August 18th, 1834 First Lodge in Missouri was chartered Travelers Rest Lodge No. 1, St louis City. By Thomas Wildey and Degree Team.Henry Doellner conceived an idea that it was time to charter a new lodge, tune up in his home with W.S. Stewart, John L. pointer, Harvey R. Curtis, Augustine Kennedy, and members of Germania Lodge No. 3 and Oliver Harris, member of Travelers Lodge No. 1, and Charles DeBrueill of Wildey Lodge No. 2 agree to petition a charter for Lodge No. 5, It was then Charter on August 21, 1841. First officers of St louis Lodge No. 5 were Noble Grand Augustine Kennedy, Vice Grand Henry Doellner, Harvey R. Curtis Secretary, and William S. Stewart Treasure. In 1842 St. Louis Lodge No. 5 had 48 members. St. Louis Lodge No. 5 first met in the hall on Main & 4th over a bank called Benoist Banking Company until 1846 which they then move to 4th & Locust. March 31st, 1863 The Odd Fellows building which destroyed by fire caused from a steamboat which caught the building on fire.  The only item that was salvaged from the fire was the odd fellows bible, and a little book that had minutes recorded in it from a meeting dated 1846, “it's in the display case at the lodge hall”. The original charter was lost in the fire.

The lodge then met on 7th street in the Grand Lodge Building until their building was rebuilt, on July 25th,1865 the new lodge was built on the same spot where the fire was. In 1871 the fourth and fifth degrees were added to the ritual. St louis lodge number five celebrated their 150th Anniversary in 1995. Then on November 16th, 1886 a cornerstone was laid on 9th and olive where a large temple was built, and dedicated onMay 21st, 1889, 9 Odd Fellows lodges met in the New Odd fellows Temple. On May 24, 1895, the first Odd Fellows Home was dedicated in Liberty, Missouri. But on February 14, 1900 a fire destroyed the Odd Fellows Home in Liberty, however a new home was built and rededicated within the same year. February 22, 1908, St. Louis Lodge No. 5 held their first Banquet, for (members only) at the Planters Hotel. St. Louis Lodge No. 5 was almost interrupted on November 16, 1918 as a meeting was being held, the cause of the Spanish Influenza, only a quorum was permitted to transact business by the Board of Health. April 9th 1921, St Louis Lodge No. 5 left the odd fellows temple located on 9th and Olive and met for the first time at 3765 Lindell Boulevard. 1941, St louis Lodge No. 5 celebrated their 100th anniversary at the Jefferson Hotel. St louis wlodgeNo. 5 then celebrated their 6000 meeting on November 24th 1956. By 1950, 9 lodges in St Louis had consolidated with St. Louis Lodge No. 5 they were, Travelers Rest Lodge No. 1, (chartered in August 18, 1834), Bellefontaine Lodge No. 73 (chartered in 1907), Missouri Lodge No. 11 (chartered in 1913), Goethe Lodge No. 59 (chartered in 1919), Germania Lodge No. 3 (chartered in 1920), Anchor-Arcadian Lodge No. 322 (chartered in 1933), Golden Scepter Lodge No. 557 (chartered in 1939), Harmonie Lodge No. 353 (chartered in 1947), and Washington Lodge No. 24, (chartered in 1948),

Saint Louis was the largest city in Missouri to have the most chartered Odd Fellow lodges, which Total 33. Wildey Lodge No. 2 was chartered on June 12th 1838 and is the Oldest Lodge still active west of the Missouri River, by 1897 there was 497 Odd  Fellows Lodges chartered in the state of Missouri with over 50,000 members. On August 21, 1966 St Louis Lodge No. 5 celebrated their hundred 125th Anniversary. St Louis Lodge No. 5 celebrated their 150th anniversary in 1995. On March 10, 2012 St. Louis Lodge No. 5 celebrated their 9000 consecutive meeting. St. Louis Lodge No. 5 is the only active Odd fellows Lodge in the State of Missouri that still confers all four degrees in their lodge hall and still is going strong with membership.
A NEW PLACE TO MEET (The Three Links Building) The building, above, was originally built in 1985 as a grocery store for the Shop-n-Save Food Corporation.  The building was then used as an auction house until it was sold to St. Louis Lodge No. 5, Independent Order of Odd Fellows.