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It commemorates more than 150 years of harmony and cooperation between two neighboring nations, the United States and Canada. Standing diagonally at the entrance to the Peace Garden, the majestic gates were designed and built for the Odd Fellows and Rebekahs. One fourteen foot high native fieldstone pillar rises from Canadian soil and the other from United States soil. The gates bears the inscription: "THIS ENTRANCE BUILT AND DEDICATED TO THE CAUSE OF PEACE BY THE ODD FELLOWS AND REBEKAHS OF THE WORLD". We take great pride in having contributed the largest single part of a non-governmental organization in the creation of the International Peace Garden. Click on above link
The Department of the Army and the Official Custodian of Arlington National Cemetery have granted the first Sunday of May each year so that members of the Independent Order of Odd Fellow and Rebekahs can pay tribute and homage to fallen heroes who sacrificed their lives in defense of our country. Members of the Order place wreaths at the tombs of the Unknown Soldiers in Arlington County, Virginia at Arlington National Cemetery.