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Per the previous article appearing here, the Sovereign Grand Lodge had raised Per Capita Dues by $10.00.  At the 2018 Grand Lodge Session of Missouri it was decided to raise Per Capita Dues in Missouri by $2.50 June 30th and $2.50 on December 31st.  The other $5.00 will be due in 2019.  Lodge No. 5 will have to take a look to see what that will do for our dues.  Currently we pay $40.00 annually and we may have to change our By-Laws.  Our last By-Law changes were approved at the 2018 Session.

Brother Charles Watson was reelected as Grand Master to a second term.  This would have been Brother Larry Moore's term as Grand Master but unfortunately he passed away in 2018.  Brother Doyle Cox is the new Deputy Grand Master and Brother Gene Collins is the new Grand Warden.  Let's wish all of them a good and successful term of office.  Brother Stephen Carr Sr.has been nominated for Grand Warden along with three other nominees.  The 2019 Grand Lodge Session will be back at Jefferson City but the 2020 Session will be at the Inn of the Grand Glaize at Lake of the Ozarks. 
"St. Louis Lodge No. 5"
There is an interesting article in the latest edition of the International Odd Fellow written by Brother Jon Peterson, Sovereign Grand Lodge Membership Chairman.  He states "unless we set down and reconsider what we stand for, where we are going, what we are attempting to accomplish, and change to 2018 needs and requirements - WE ARE DEAD and should start making arrangements for an orderly demise within the next few years."  There maybe some truths in this for us to consider but Lodge No. 5 is far from DEAD. Other lodges in Missouri and elsewhere are struggling to stay alive.  Let's hope and pray our leaders come up with a solution.