Bet you can't change your shoes like me

Fun Bowling

February 23, 2020
On February 23, 2020 , St. Louis Lodge No. 5 hosted another Fun Bowling Tournament for their members and guests.  The tournament was held at the DuBoles Lanes. The tournament brought together members and their guests to a place where they could have fun, relax and enjoy one another's companionship. The tournament was well attended and fun was had by all.
Help me I'm Lost
Professional spectators
Computer Specialist
Discussing  Strategies
Are we in the right place?
Supreme Court. Judges
Our Special Players
I want to play, when can I play?
Who's going first
The Love Team
Teams Members not lost just confused
Lost Team Members
Rodney-the master mind
Old Married couple
Do you known who is in charge?
I think I have a Blister
True Love, I think
Lovely Lady helping confused members
Lost Members asking for directions
Work, Work  & Work
I am here
Can I tell you a secret
Anybody know theses members?
Nobody told me they were heavy
Where is my ball?
I think I can,   I think I can
My turn to break these things
All right who nailed the pins down?
Everybody look busy, Boss is here
"St. Louis Lodge No. 5"