Active Members Those Master Masons and U. S. citizens who are serving or have served honorably in the Uniformed Services of the United States meet the requirements for Active membership in National Sojourners and who have been regularly elected to and initiated in any chapter of National Sojourners, Inc., are Active members.

Honorary Members Those Master Masons who are ineligible for active membership but who have been regularly elected to Honorary  membership in any Chapter of National Sojourners in recognition of meritorious service to the Nation or Freemasonry.

Qualifications All Brethren who are interested in the Order should apply.

Masonic You must be a Master Mason (3rd Degree) in good standing of a recognized Regular Lodge*
Military You must have served honorably in the Uniformed Services of the United States and be able to verify your service.

Honorary If you do not qualify under the provisions of the military standards, each Chapter is authorized 15% of its membership to be honorary.  It can exceed this 15% with a special waiver of the National President. Grand Lodge Officers in the Progressive, Elective Line that would qualify as honorary will not be accounted for within the 15% limitation.

Membership Costs  Membership in Perpetuity (MIP)
This is a one-time payment of dues which may, under certain circumstances, be paid incrementally. An MIP is paid to the
tax-deductible fund known as the National Sojourners Trust Fund in the amount of $255.00.  This membership is welcomed by all Chapters of the Order.  However, should a member wish to join another Chapter as an MIP, the amount would be reduced to $155.00.  In each case, in the memo of the check it should be noted with the letters MIP and the Chapters name and number.  Some Chapters are only MIP chapters, so you should check with the Chapter Secretary for accurate payment costs.

Annual Dues
A member who joins St. Louis Chapter No. 22 National Sojourners Inc., may choose to pay annual membership dues. The dues breakdown is described below

Dues for St. Louis Chapter No. 22 is $40.00 PER YEAR and is explained below
National Initiation fee of $  5.00
National Per Capita Tax $20.00
Chapter dues for the year $20.00

Chapter Medal $15.00
Name Plate $  5.00


For additional information, you may contact the Chapter Secretary, Dennis Fetter ( if you have any questions.

Another Membership Opportunity 3-6-5 Club & Life 3-6-5 Club
Membership in the 3-6-5 Club  or  Life 3-6-5 Club is open to all Active and Honorary members as a way of supporting the Sojourners Endowment Memorial (SEM) Fund. The tax-deductible SEM Fund is the resource for funding our Headquarters business operations center.

3-6-5 Club The special category 3-6-5 Club alludes to the everyday operation of our Order.  This special club can earn Chapter recognition a streamer for the chapter flag with the participation of its membership. The minimum requirement to earn the Chapter streamer is the equivalent participation of $3.65 each year by each member.

Life Membership (L-3-6-5) Life Membership (L-3-6-5) in this special club is a one-time payment of $36.50.  The payment applies only to the specific Chapter designated in the donation.  It should be made payable to the SEM Fund and in the memo of the check it should reflect 3-6-5 Club or L-3-6-5 Club and the Chapter name and number.  If you are a member of more than one Chapter and wish to contribute toward the Chapters banner in another chapter, another donation as previously prescribed must be made.

I meet the qualifications I want to become a Member

Contact our National Secretary at (703) 765-5000 or by e-mail at or locate and contact the Chapter Nearest You by visiting the About Us section of and selecting Chapters.


If you are interested in joining St. Louis Chapter  No. 22, National Sojourners Inc. Please click on the below button and print the Application for Membership. Forward the completed Application by email to Dennis Fetter at
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