On June 4, 2017, St. Louis Lodge No. 5, (I.O.O.F) held it's annual picnic at Lemay Park. In attendance there was approximately 200 members and guest.
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St. Louis Lodge No. 5 held their annual Charity Presentation Evening, representatives from the Salvation Army, Ronald McDonald Children Foundation, James S. McDonald USO, MaryGrove Children Foundation, Lydia’ House, Feed-My-People and Cardinal Glennon Children Foundation were invited to the evening activities at the Three Links Building to receive donations on behalf of the members of St. Louis Lodge No. 5 and the Robertson Benevolent Fund. The presentation was again hosted by St. Louis Lodge No. 5 with Noble Grand John Eckert presiding. The event was well attended by lodge members. “It was good to see some of the familiar charities in attendance, but even better to see that there were some new organisations receiving cheques, said the Noble Grand ".

Representatives from each Charities spent an evening together with lodge members during which all enjoy a great dinner, Presentations from each of the charities representatives was given. After the presentations, cheques were presented to each charity representatives by the Noble Grand and Robert Mayer from the Robertson Benevolent Fund.

On Saturday, January 21, 2017 St. Louis Lodge No. 5 held it's annual officers installation for the ensuring year. This event was open to family and friends. Dinner was provided following the ceremony.
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It is important to remember to notify the secretary when your address or telephone number changes
In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s St. Louis Lodge No. 5 was looking for a good way to get the Odd Fellows name out into the public view.  Many in the public, when asked, did not know what the Odd Fellows name meant, nor what the Odd Fellows did.  An idea then took hold among some of our members, with lodge approval, was to set up a coffee break for traveling motorists at a Missouri Highway rest stop.  This would happen on the summer holidays, Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day.  It would benefit not only the lodge but the motoring public.

In 1990 a group of brothers who were volunteers, led by Brother Mackey L. Bayless, who was an employee of the Missouri Highway Department, set up what would become known as the Safety Coffee Break at the rest stop near Jefferson Barracks on west bound Highway 255.    Before setting up the first S.C.B, permission was first obtained from the Missouri Highway Department.  Permission was given with the following restrictions; no charges were to be made to the passing motoring public for services offered.  No large signs were to be put near the highway without MoDot approval.  The rest areas were to be left clean and intact when the S.C.B. was over and each year permission had to be obtained from MoDot before having a S.C.B.

The rest stop at Jefferson Barracks was closed by MoDot shortly after the S.C.B. started, forcing the Lodge to look for another location.  A location was found in Bloomsdale, Missouri on northbound Highway 55, a mile north of the Bloomsdale exit.  This is the present location of the S.C.B. to which members travel a minimum of fifty miles one way.  The first several S.C.B.s were strictly coffee, lemon aide and iced tea.  It was later expanded to include hot dogs and pop corn.   More and more equipment was purchased to expand the S.C.B. with more people being served.  On the average we have about 200 plus visitors at each holiday.  Approximately 10 to 20 lodge members are volunteering each holiday to help serve the public.

Visitors at the S.C.B. are amazed we do not charge nor do we accept donations.  We have seen people visit from other states and foreign countries.   Our name and purpose is slowly getting out into the public view with literature on Odd Fellows and small mementos given to each visitor.

All of our members feel this is an important and very worthy project that should be continued as far out into the future as possible.

Since its inception the following members are due credit for keeping the S.C.B. going through their leadership and hard work.

(The members of the committees volunteering are too numerous to name here.)

Mackey L. Bayless - (Founder and Past District Deputy Grand Master - Deceased)
Ronald G. Fults - (Past Grand Master of Missouri - Deceased)
Richard A. Roesch - (Past District Deputy Grand Master)
C. Ray White - Present Chairman - ( Doing Outstanding work)
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On July 14, 2017, St. Louis Lodge No. 5 hosted another Fun Bowling Tournament for their members and guests.  The tournament was held at the Sunset Lanes, Marlborough, Mo.

The tournament
brought together members and their guests to a place where they could have fun, relax and enjoy one another's companionship. The tournament was well attended and fun was had by all.